The New Super Food: Matcha Green Tea Powder

Matcha green tea has long been touted not only as a delicious dose of morning caffeine, but also as a sort of “super food” with its antioxidants, nutrients and ability to boost your metabolism. But what about matcha green tea powder?
enzo matcha green tea powder is made from the leaves of Camellia sinensis plants. After harvesting it’s cleaned, stemmed, steamed and finally ground into a powder that can be transformed into tea (or just about anything else, if you put your imagination to work). Never heard of it? Turns out, enzo matcha green tea powder is centuries old: it dates back to early China and Japan, where it was used in traditional tea ceremonies. But while it may be an ancient food, this powder is experiencing a modern revival: it is being re-popularized thanks to its significant health benefits and, of course, its delicious taste.

If you’re looking for reasons to use enzo matcha green tea powder, consider these benefits: it’s an antioxidant powerhouse, it contains catechins that have cancer-fighting properties, its boosts metabolisms and can increase weight loss, it is a natural mood enhancer, it has been shown to increase concentration abilities, it may prevent disease, it has calming and de-stressing powers and it has been shown to lower both cholesterol and blood sugar.

Green Tea Powder matcha Matcha Green Tea with Video Matcha leaves1
Still not convinced? Then consider the convenience of incorporating enzo matcha green tea powder into your daily routine. You can throw it into smoothies, soups, teas or coffees, spice blends or oatmeal. And if you’re looking for more creative ways to incorporate enzo matcha green tea powder into your diet, there are more gourmet options like making your own enzo matcha green tea ice cream, enzo matcha popcorn, enzo matcha pancakes, enzo matcha pudding and enzo matcha green tea ice pops. The possibilities are endless!
When you get right down to it, it seems that there really isn’t anything to not like about matcha green tea powder. Great taste, immense health benefits, versatile use in recipes – what are you waiting for? Go try enzo matcha green tea powder for yourself!

Prep Meal Containers

So you have prepared all your food beforehand to make cooking easier and faster for you busy lifestyle, but now what to do with all that prepped food. You will need the right Prep meal Containers for the food that you have prepared to make sure that it stays fresh and completely sealed.

When thinking about choosing your Prep Meal Containers you have to keep in mind leaky lids, microwave meltdowns and other food tragedies that you would want to avoid.
You may want to save some money and use and old cheese or butter tub, or even an old ice cream tub, but remember that these are no meant to be re-used so you are going to be dealing with food that will spoil easily as well as fridge smells permeating your foods through these plastics.

You will need to look for meal Prep Containers that have airtight lids. A good lid will keep all the food inside, liquids as well, even if you decide to shake or turn the container upside down or throw it around.
You will also need to make sure that the BPA FREE Prep Meal containers that you are buying state that they are microwaveable especially if you are going to be defrosting food in them.

Make sure that all your plastic ware is BPA friendly to make it safe for reuse.

You will also need to buy containers that state that they are able to withstand freezing or very low temperatures if you are going to be freezing meals in them.

If you are using the containers as lunch boxes or for traveling purposes also check that they will fit into whatever bag or suitcase you will be using.
You will want to buy containers that are not a hassle to clean either, so look for easy cleaning options.

There is also the option of using glass or plastic containers; the choice is up to you to choose whatever container you will need to suit your food prepping requirements best.

Why use mosquito repellent bracelet

Great well being is the most vital variable to carry on with a glad and fulfilled life. When you are sound, you can focus more on your work which can thus give more achievement. You can likewise appreciate without bounds with your family. Mosquitoes are discovered all over the place in any climate and they require mosquito repellent bracelet. They cause different ailments that incorporate intestinal sickness, dengue fever, and the sky is the limit from there. At times, these sorts of ailments could prompt demise.

Because of this, it is vital that you secure your home and surroundings by making it creepy crawly free. Doing it all alone can just die down the impact to some degree. It is best to take the assistance of an expert mosquito repellent bracelet to guarantee that you totally dispose of them. A specialist administration will utilize the best possible strategy to expel these creepy crawlies from your home. You can check for administration suppliers and contact a decent one who has been in the field for quite a while.

The principle center of mosquito repellent bracelet is to guarantee that they furnish you with a protected and sound encompassing to live in. You can search online for different suppliers who spend significant time around there and pick the one that best suits your prerequisites. They offer different bundles like the season based and one time.

The quantity of times this treatment must be rehashed totally relies on upon how seriously the range is influenced with these creepy crawlies. Alongside mosquitoes, they likewise give tick evacuation and bug expulsion. In season bundles, they go to your home consistently for a couple of weeks to shower the medication. In the mid year bundle, the splash is done in different sessions all through the season. There is additionally a special bundle which is for the winter. Here and there, the sessions are on consistently or even once in a month.
Mosquitoes cause different ailments to pets additionally like dormancy, hacking, heaving, blacking out, breathing trouble, and practice resistance. This prompts crumbling in the well being of your pooch making the pet feeble and undesirable. This likewise prompts the disease spreading to different individuals in the family. They offer vermin control medications which is essential to maintain a strategic distance from your pet from getting assaulted by bugs and ticks.

What are the basic utilities of green tea powder?

In the greater part of the cases, wellness fans or jocks have the outstanding beverage from the green tea powder. In such manner, you can get more data from green tea powder
What are the medical advantages of the powders of green tea?

One of the best medical advantages of green tea powder is that your general well-being can be adequately kept up and the cell reinforcement properties of this tea are valuable for wiping out the poisonous components from different parts of your body. The digestive and invulnerability frameworks can be helped up to a more elevated amount as a consequence of which different maladies can be avoided viably. You can likewise dispose of different irresistible germs and hack and chilly by having this tea every day.

The dietary level of your body can likewise be kept up by method for supplying potential supplements and then again the body cells can likewise get adequate measure of crisp oxygen from this sort of green tea.

The fixation and memory powder can be enhanced as an aftereffect of which you can perform your day by day obligations properly with no intrusion. You can likewise have a sound rest because of the viable end of the different mental inconveniences or unsettling influences like anxiety, nervousness and others.

The cholesterol levels can be kept up and enhanced alongside the change of the blood dissemination. Your warmth and other imperative body organs can likewise be ensured in the same way.

A standout amongst the most fundamental medical advantages that can e picked up from the same is that you can lose your weight effectively and rapidly by having this beverage routinely. You can lose enormous calories as a consequence of which you can keep up an alluring request and can remain completely fit.

How to pick the best powders of green tea?

The fixings should be checked and you should have a reasonable thought regarding the fixings from the online audits or other valuable assets with the goal that you can check the same at the season of acquiring the item from the store.

These days, there are different brands that are managing the same and in this manner it is your obligation to pick the most dependable brand which is having the most astounding prevalence and the item is likewise very beneficial to expend. Your wellbeing necessities should be satisfied by the utilization of the same.

The items must be sold at reasonable cost generally your reasonableness won’t coordinate with the offered cost. For this situation, you can make buy from either wholesale store or else can make appropriate value examination for picking the right cost.

Mosquito, Lunch Box, and Green Tea; It’s Summer Time

Summer time is upon us and we start heading outdoors to have fun. There are lots of ways you can prepare for summer as it quickly approaches. Here are a couple tips for insuring your summer is great. Before heading out to have summer fun, consider what you need to bring to keep yourself comfortable. Pesky mosquitoes are waiting at the door so be sure to use a safe and natural repellent to keep them from biting. There are lots of great options available to keep the mosquitoes away so make sure you look into them before heading out the door. A mosquito bite stays for a while making for an uncomfortable and itchy couple days and you don’t want to be itchy for your summer fun. Saving money is also an important part of summer so you have some extra cash to participate in fun activities. Instead of eating out, pack your lunch box with your favorite goodies and bring it along with you. It saves money and even saves time if you plan your lunch box meals ahead. It is also a great opportunity to eat healthy instead of impulse buying fatty and greasy foods. Another good tip is making better choices in what you drink this summer. Switch from drinking sugar filled soft drinks for a healthier option such as green tea. There are all types of green teas available at many stores and not only are you helping your body, you are detoxing to feel great over your summer break. Green tea is good both hot and cold but putting it on ice is a better option this summer. It will keep you cool and you are prepared for a fun time. Dealing with mosquitoes, packing your lunch box and sipping on some green tea are just a couple summer tips that keep the good times coming.

Why Choose Matcha over Coffee

The Pre-Workout Supplements world was thrown into the spotlight in 2013 and again in 2015 when hyperosmolar sports supplements were recognised to be contributing a small, but significant number of deaths during marathons. With the risk of heart attack from certain high intensity supplements real and present, many athletes and bodybuilders turned to coffee to get a natural energy boost. Drinking coffee before you hit the gym can pump your body with the necessary energy – True. But there is one small, but very important problem… The energy boost of coffee comes with an impending crash, which is inevitable and which can make you feel more tired than you actually are, until you gulp down another cup. Then you’ll feel energetic for a while, but that too will come with a crash. And you’ll have to drink another cup of coffee. And then another. And then another…. Fortunately there a better alternative to being at the mercy of coffee and it’s 100% natural and organic. It’s called enzo matcha Tea. enzo matcha Tea can increase your endurance, boost your metabolism and help shed the unwanted body fat – all the three things you need to get the most out of your exercise. Studies show that drinking enzo matcha increases physical endurance by up to 25%. Just one cup of enzo matcha just half an hour before your workout can give you results you didn’t think were possible. One serving of it before your workout will not only fuel your body but also help maintain it. #Choosematchaovercoffee #coffeevsmatcha #matchaorcoffee #matchandcoffee #matchacoffee #Coffeematcha

Top 3 Best Matcha Green Tea Powder from Enzo 2017 on Amazon

Where to get enzo matcha green tea powder in Chicago? Here, get enzo organic enzo matcha on or visit us on with Satisfaction or Moneyback Guarantee enzo matcha green tea powder is a refreshing alternative to traditional tea. Packed with antioxidants that enhance your mood, health and energy level There are several different “grades” of enzo matcha green tea powder Which are determined by the quality of the appearance processing method and ingredients used: The color of the tea The texture, quality and density The quality of the product The fineness of the powder How it was ground up Treatment prior to processing The Problem with Today’s Green Superfood is you Don’t know what’s Inside. Most Use Chemical, and That Don’t Even Pass FBA Regulations. So stop destroying your body and start enjoying the Zen like Tranquility that has been drank by Monks for Thousands of Years. This Epic, Certified USDA Organics, Drink has 137 times more Antioxidants than Brewed Gren Tea, 6.2 x more than Goji Berries. Benefits of enzo matcha : • Calorie Burner enzo matcha Increases Body Thermogenesis From 4% To Over 30% • Endless Possibilities Used As Flavoring Ingredient Like Chai And Chocolate In Japan And Asia • Sustainable Energy & Focus Gives you energy that last longer than Coffe without the Jiters • High In Fiber & Helps Detox Stabilizes Blood Sugar, Naturally Improves Digestive Health • Rich With Chlorophyll Not only good for Skin but also Removes Heavy Metal & Harmful Chemicals • Reduces Stress & Rejuvenate Skin Health Improves Oxygen Level Facilities Blood Flow lifting Skin Quality #buymatchaonamazon #amazonmatchagreentea #matchapowderamazon #buymatchagreentea #wheretobuy


By: 40 Aprons Ingredients 3 packages unflavored gelatin 1 cup ice cold water , divided 12 ounces granulated sugar , approximately 1 1/2 cups 2 tablespoons enzo matcha 1 cup light corn syrup 1/4 teaspoon kosher salt 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 1/2 cup sweetened rice flour , for dusting enzo matcha , for dusting Nonstick spray Instructions Place the gelatin into the bowl of a stand mixer along with 1/2 cup … Continue reading →

Skin Care with Matcha Green Tea

Get your enzo matcha here: or enzo matcha green tea powder is well recognized and praised today for its abundant and powerful health-promoting properties. I think most anyone with a true interest in pursuing a natural, green lifestyle has learned about and sampled enzo matcha, either as a hot, freshly whisked beverage or as a major ingredient mixed into a soy latte, smoothie or tropical fruit drink. As a high-achieving student, a super-charged executive or entrepreneur, a busy mom turned home-based businesswoman or one of those active “retirees” who will never really retire, you need those treasured enzo matcha shots of varied recipes to maintain your sanity and equilibrium each and every day. In addition, you can gain amazing beauty benefits from the very same nutritional contents of enzo matcha that keep you healthy, happy, focused and relaxed. Beauty Benefits and Boosts from enzo matcha The same powerful nutrients and benefits of enzo matcha tea powder in enzo matcha that nourish, strengthen and support your physical and mental health also offer awesome beauty benefits, such as the following: Antioxidants The formidable antioxidant content of enzo matcha like polyphenols and catechins battle and control the harmful effects of UV radiation and free radicals, helping greatly in protecting the skin from sun, wind and all extremes in weather conditions. Also protecting against inflammation in the body, these antioxidants also help eliminate acne and other types of skin eruptions and roughness. The strong presence of the EGCG antioxidant in enzo matcha slows cell degeneration to impede the aging process, promoting smooth, tight skin that retains moisture and natural, smooth color tones. Chlorophyll Throughout the last three to four weeks of their growing time, right before harvest, enzo matcha (camellia sinensis) leaves are keep covered for protection from the sun. This results in greater chlorophyll production which is responsible for the vivid green color of high caliber enzo matcha. It also makes enzo matcha a strong detoxifying agent for the bodies of users, cleansing the body’s entire system of toxins and hazardous chemicals or other impurities, leaving the skin glowing and radiantly clean. Natural Antibiotics Various natural or organic substances found in enzo matcha have powerful antibiotic action for the body’s great benefit. These ingredients include catechins, Vitamins A and C, calcium, protein, iron and potassium. As these cleansing agents clean the internal system, they purify and smooth the skin, too, eliminating any blemishes or rashes. A healthy immune system also promotes clear, well-hydrated and youthful skin with good elasticity and resilience. Untitled enzo matcha Makes a Colorful and Effective Skin Mask Natural and organic skin masks are all the rage and botanicals are big in all areas of natural-composition cosmetics and skin care. The folks at the Bustle have created two amazing sassy green cleansing facial masks which are easy to concoct at home. Here they are: enzo matcha Green Tea with Dill and Lemongrass Mask This relaxing detox and purification facial mask will do wonders to rejuvenate your skin and complexion. While a heaping tablespoon of spring green enzo matcha green tea powder supplies the antioxidants, cleansers and detox agents, a few drops of lemongrass oil and several mashed sprigs of fresh, organic dill will heal and revitalize multiple layers of delicate face skin. The many healing properties of this mix will help reduce any scarring or imperfections in skin surface, and your entire face will feel renewed and fresh. enzo matcha green tea powder and Rose Water Mask This facial mask is very soothing and uplifting for sensitive, delicate skin tissue around the eyes. It also alleviates wrinkles and may even prolong or eliminate their formation when used regularly over an extensive time period. While this facial treatment is not intended to result in an overnight makeover, you will see gradual, but steady skin improvements with continuous use. This brightly hued mask can be made with one full tablespoon of enzo matcha green tea, a tablespoon of rose water, or less, and several drops of essential lavender oil. Whisk ingredients together briskly until you have a pleasing, easily spreadable paste to cover your face. Aside from the many natural health benefits offered for your face by these nutrient-rich facial masks, you never need worry about tasting a bit of the mixture. If you should become overly dramatic during the process of applying your mask, covering your mouth with the luxurious, thick mix along with the rest of your face, try a taste and see what you think—you may have a bright, verdant new recipe that can double as a condiment or veggie topping to your latest vegan soy soufflé. #matchaforface #facialmatchamask #matchamask #matchagreenteapowder


By: Becky INGREDIENTS 1 large, ripe Haas avocado 
1 tablespoon lime juice 
Pinch of sea salt 
2 teaspoons enzo matcha 
1 teaspoon ground ginger 
1½ cups whole milk or light coconut milk 
1½ cups heavy cream or full-fat coconut milk 
1/4 cup honey ¼ cup plus 2 tablespoons raw sugar or coconut sugar 
2 teaspoons vanilla extract INSTRUCTIONS … Continue reading →

Enzo Matcha Green Tea Farm

Enzo’s Classic Ceremonial Blend enzo matcha Farm in China, might have doubts about buying tea from China but did you know enzo matcha originated in China? Get the enzo matcha on amazon here and get the enzo matcha on enzomatcha here: Green Tea in China The custom of drinking tea was originated with the emperor Shen Nong in China. Shen Nong was an iconoclast of Chinese medicine. In year 2700 B.C., he introduced the tea plant to people. A monograph named “Cha jing” commonly known as “The Classic of Tea”, verifies Shen Nong’s work to discover the medical efficacy of more than 300 varieties of grass, roots, and tree barks. According to legend, he would try all the roots, grass, etc. on himself, and whenever he ate something toxic, he would cleanse himself by eating tea leaves. The popularity of tea increased during the period of Three Kingdoms (221-65). Practice of Buddhism was a major cause as drinking alcohol is prohibited in Buddhism, so that increased the demand for tea. However, green tea was quite expensive at that time and was exclusive only to the high society. In the mid-eighth century, tea shops sprung up and made the tea a mandatory drink for ordinary citizens of China. Green Tea in Japan Tea arrived in Japan in the early Heian Period (794-1185). It was brought by Japanese Buddhist monks who traveled to China along with some regime representatives. Among the monks were Kukai, Saicho, and Eichu. The first record of tea-drinking custom in Japan appeared in a book named “Nihon koki” commonly known as “Notes on Japan.” In 815, Eichu returned to China. According to Nihon koki records, Eichu invited Emperor Saga to his temple and served him green tea (sencha). An anthology of Chinese poetry named “Roun-shu”, written in 814, also mentions tea-tasting. Ordinary Japanese people began to drink green tea much later. A new way of drinking tea was introduced after a famous Zen Priest known as Eisai (1141-1215) brought back a special kind of seedling from China. This new way was called the “enzo matcha style.” With his book “Kissa yojoki” commonly known as “How to Stay Healthy by Drinking Tea”, Eisai encouraged people to cultivate tea trees. He was responsible for the launch of tea in Japan on a large scale. More about enzo matcha history here: What is Enzo’s Classic ceremonial Blend enzo matcha? It’s a blend/combination of 1st and 2nd Leafs of the Green Tea plant. The 1st (top) leafs are used to make ceremonial enzo matcha while the 2nd from the top are called classic and used to make premium culinary grade enzo matcha which is often used for drinking. What does this mean? This means enzo’s classic ceremonial blend will be easier to dissolve than most premium culinary grade enzo matcha but they won’t be naturally sweet ceremonial grade enzo matcha. Even though they aren’t naturally sweet the blend can still be drunk with little to no sweetener and it has that beautiful emerald green color that we look for in higher grade enzo matcha. We choose to bring you this grade because enzo’s pride itself in bringing affordable high quality organic gourmet ingredients the community. Get one today on amazon: #enzomatchafarm #matchateafarm #howismatchagrown #organicmatchafarm #historyofmatcha