Prep Meal Containers

So you have prepared all your food beforehand to make cooking easier and faster for you busy lifestyle, but now what to do with all that prepped food. You will need the right Prep meal Containers for the food that you have prepared to make sure that it stays fresh and completely sealed.

When thinking about choosing your Prep Meal Containers you have to keep in mind leaky lids, microwave meltdowns and other food tragedies that you would want to avoid.
You may want to save some money and use and old cheese or butter tub, or even an old ice cream tub, but remember that these are no meant to be re-used so you are going to be dealing with food that will spoil easily as well as fridge smells permeating your foods through these plastics.

You will need to look for meal Prep Containers that have airtight lids. A good lid will keep all the food inside, liquids as well, even if you decide to shake or turn the container upside down or throw it around.
You will also need to make sure that the BPA FREE Prep Meal containers that you are buying state that they are microwaveable especially if you are going to be defrosting food in them.

Make sure that all your plastic ware is BPA friendly to make it safe for reuse.

You will also need to buy containers that state that they are able to withstand freezing or very low temperatures if you are going to be freezing meals in them.

If you are using the containers as lunch boxes or for traveling purposes also check that they will fit into whatever bag or suitcase you will be using.
You will want to buy containers that are not a hassle to clean either, so look for easy cleaning options.

There is also the option of using glass or plastic containers; the choice is up to you to choose whatever container you will need to suit your food prepping requirements best.