Mosquito, Lunch Box, and Green Tea; It’s Summer Time

Summer time is upon us and we start heading outdoors to have fun. There are lots of ways you can prepare for summer as it quickly approaches. Here are a couple tips for insuring your summer is great. Before heading out to have summer fun, consider what you need to bring to keep yourself comfortable. Pesky mosquitoes are waiting at the door so be sure to use a safe and natural repellent to keep them from biting. There are lots of great options available to keep the mosquitoes away so make sure you look into them before heading out the door. A mosquito bite stays for a while making for an uncomfortable and itchy couple days and you don’t want to be itchy for your summer fun. Saving money is also an important part of summer so you have some extra cash to participate in fun activities. Instead of eating out, pack your lunch box with your favorite goodies and bring it along with you. It saves money and even saves time if you plan your lunch box meals ahead. It is also a great opportunity to eat healthy instead of impulse buying fatty and greasy foods. Another good tip is making better choices in what you drink this summer. Switch from drinking sugar filled soft drinks for a healthier option such as green tea. There are all types of green teas available at many stores and not only are you helping your body, you are detoxing to feel great over your summer break. Green tea is good both hot and cold but putting it on ice is a better option this summer. It will keep you cool and you are prepared for a fun time. Dealing with mosquitoes, packing your lunch box and sipping on some green tea are just a couple summer tips that keep the good times coming.